Eye on the Environment: Technology can help measure Hilliard’s sustainability

Originally published in This Week and written by Pete Marsh. You can read the original article here. “Environmental sustainability” no longer is a new concept and by now, the refrain has become familiar. To save energy in your home, use a … Continue Reading

City of Columbus GreenSpot

Energy-savings startup doubles sales, looks to boost from Smart City initiative

Originally published in Columbus Business First by Carrie Ghose A sustainability startup that helps large facilities reduce energy bills through behavioral changes rather than expensive equipment upgrades doubled its sales in 2016 with hopes to do so again this year. JadeTrack … Continue Reading

City of Hilliard Teams up with JadeTrack for Sustainability

(Columbus, Ohio) – JadeTrack, with a software product of the same name, announces today they are teaming up with the City of Hilliard to enable real-time monitoring and management of the City’s various sustainability initiatives. JadeTrack delivers a technology solution … Continue Reading

The Start of Gamification

It was the end of my junior year and counselors were passing out schedules and class options for senior year. At first thought, I couldn’t believe I was receiving my schedule for senior year; the time had really flown by … Continue Reading

Is Your School Wasting Money on Energy?

Schools are constantly looking for ways to reduce unnecessary costs so they can put the money they have to more rewarding uses. Of course, it helps to take into special consideration areas that suck up a lot of money, such … Continue Reading

Improve Behavior. Reduce Costs.

There is a lot of talk going on about energy efficiency and sustainability. Many organizations are investing in these projects to improve how their buildings operate, while promoting social responsibility. New HVAC equipment, energy management systems, lighting, renewables and other capital … Continue Reading