(Columbus, Ohio) – JadeTrack, with a software product of the same name, announces today they are teaming up with the City of Hilliard to enable real-time monitoring and management of the City’s various sustainability initiatives.

JadeTrack delivers a technology solution that enables organizations to combine and correlate operational and fiscal performance data in order to maximize the value of sustainability, while also reducing operational costs.

As part of the City’s commitment to sustainability, and in celebration of its annual Earth Day event, JadeTrack has deployed its real-time sustainability management technology to monitor electricity and gas consumption at Hilliard’s Municipal Building, Community and Senior Center, the Municipal Park Pool, and Ball Fields.

Pete Marsh of Hilliard’s Environmental Sustainability Commission (ESC), “with Jade Track’s real-time monitoring and dashboard, the city will gain a much clearer picture of how we are using natural resources and energy at our facilities. It will also provide us with the ability to monitor and quantify the results of our efforts to reduce our use of critical resources more accurately than we ever could have before. Transparency is of the highest importance and so by making this information easily accessible to the public, they will be able to see first-hand the results of our work.

Ryan Prestel of JadeTrack states “This is a great opportunity for JadeTrack. It is exciting to see the leadership position the City of Hilliard is taking on sustainability. We’re thrilled about the impact this project will have on our company and our extended community.”

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