Partnership has already identified over $21,000 in savings for ODRC

Columbus, Ohio (July 11, 2017) – The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) and JadeTrack, a cloud-based sustainability management platform, today announced a partnership to identify savings and improve efficiency. JadeTrack combines automated utility bill management, facility benchmarking, real-time monitoring, and sustainability reporting – enabling ODRC to holistically manage and maximize value of its sustainability initiatives.

Leveraging JadeTrack’s data tracking and sustainability solutions state-wide, ODRC receives the support needed to identify savings and reduce environmental impact. “Prior to partnering with JadeTrack, internal reporting was limited and data quality suffered due to the manual nature of the process,” explained Jenny Hildebrand, Chief, Bureau of Construction, Activation, Maintenance & Sustainability at ODRC. “JadeTrack’s platform is transforming our sustainability efforts with quality data analysis that is accurate and delivered in a timely manner.”

JadeTrack automates utility bill collection for 300+ ODRC accounts at 27 institutions. Equipped with detailed reports, ODRC is reducing its manual labor required on reporting efforts by over 90%. Additionally, a JadeTrack program manager supports ODRC with continuous tracking, monitoring and benchmarking with ENERGY STAR. Through this partnership, JadeTrack and ODRC are also using sustainability practices as an educational opportunity for inmates going through rehabilitation.

“We’re proud to support ODRC’s sustainability efforts and provide value through powerful data analysis that’s improving financial, social and environmental outcomes”, said JadeTrack CEO Ryan Prestel. “ODRC is an organization doing meaningful work. Prisons are not cheap to operate and it’s great to see ODRC being a good steward of taxpayer dollars”.

At the forefront of its industry, ODRC is leading the way in sustainability and energy management for correctional facilities. Initially starting with utility bill management, ODRC and JadeTrack are expanding sustainability practices to include real-time monitoring – a progressive initiative that will continue to add to the $21,000 in savings already identified.

About JadeTrack

JadeTrack is a cloud-based software platform that empowers organizations to maximize energy efficiency and long-term sustainability. The platform combines automated utility bill management, facility benchmarking, real-time monitoring, and sustainability reporting — providing a single source of critical information to all stakeholders. Transforming complicated energy and sustainability data into actionable intelligence, JadeTrack puts the power of change in the hands of every user. Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

About ODRC

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) is committed to reducing recidivism among those they touch in Ohio. More information on ODRC can be found at

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