Dublin City Schools

Dublin City Schools continues to grow, and that means significantly more students and infrastructure to support. In fact, in 10 years the District projects to enroll an additional 1,150 elementary students, 1,000 middle school students and 1,300 high school students. In the 2016/2017 school year, they added 22 elementary classrooms.

With this growth comes increased utility consumption and expenses. In order to best manage taxpayer dollars, District leadership needed better visibility.

Leadership at the school district naturally wanted to eliminate cost outliers and performance anomalies, but they lacked the tools to see what one building was doing well so they could adopt best practices elsewhere. Dublin City Schools were faced with many challenges regarding energy and building efficiency. Some of the opportunities included:

  • Identifying building performance issues
  • Lack of real-time visibility
  • Limited engagement with faculty & students
JadeTrack is tracking electric, gas and water bills, and providing ENERGY STAR Facility Benchmarking as well as real-time monitoring for heating and cooling systems. JadeTrack allows data to be centralized in one location so that faculty and students can access information quickly and easily.

Ongoing projects in energy conservation are focused on Grades 6-12, giving students real-world hands-on experience with regard to energy use in their own schools.

In this setting, JadeTrack serves not only an educational purpose, but also allows the school district to improve operational efficiency. Students and operational staff use the data and the software’s reporting capabilities to make better decisions about resource use and devise strategies for conservation and sustainable improvements as the District continues to expand.

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