Improve Behavior. Reduce Costs.

There is a lot of talk going on about energy efficiency and sustainability. Many organizations are investing in these projects to improve how their buildings operate, while promoting social responsibility. New HVAC equipment, energy management systems, lighting, renewables and other capital … Continue Reading

JadeTrack Raises $312K, Kickstarts Hiring for its Cloud-based Sustainability Management Solution

JadeTrack, a Columbus based startup that combines sustainability management with a cloud-based software platform, announced today that it has raised $312,500 in seed funding from angel investors to fuel the development of it’s technology and hire the necessary resources for … Continue Reading

Groom Energy Software Buyers Guide

The 2013 Buyers’ Guide for Enterprise Carbon Accounting and Sustainability Software by Groom Energy features JadeTrack as one of the top 28 vendors offering specialty sustainability software. In this report, key features were outlined for Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA) software. … Continue Reading

Shark Meter by Electro Industries

Shark Meter by Electro Industries Real-time energy management allows you to accurately capture electrical energy data by utilizing a smart meter. Eliminate the need for labor and cost intensive manual data collection processes. Integrating with a JadeTrack supported smart meter … Continue Reading