Energy Consumption in Schools

Why Track Energy Consumption in Schools?

Energy consumption is something that should be managed, no matter what type of building it is. Schools are no exception. In fact, schools are uniquely important buildings when it comes to energy management and sustainability. When looking at the reasons … Continue Reading

Energy4Learning Team

Meet The Team Revolutionizing STEM Learning In Ohio

One of the challenges facing us today is how do we best align education with the skills that are needed in the workforce? To address this question, JadeTrack has teamed up with organizations that are working to revolutionize educational programs … Continue Reading

10 Ideas to Reduce Scope 1 GHG Emissions

10 Ideas To Reduce Scope 1 GHG Emissions

When we think about greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we think about the smokestacks of a factory or the black, smelly smoke that billows from tractor trailers. We forget that by typing on a keyboard or talking on the phone in … Continue Reading

Ian Newman JadeTrack Sustainability Startup Intern

Interning At A Sustainability Startup – Here’s What I Learned

In addition to being a SaaS and tech startup, we’re a sustainability startup. Our mission is to develop technology that empowers organizations to manage their resource consumption more sustainably than ever before. Besides technology, people are essential to implementing effective … Continue Reading

ENERGY STAR Score Updates: The Details You Should Know

Big changes are coming to those who benchmark building energy performance with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®! ENERGY STAR scores and metrics are scheduled to update starting Sunday, August 26, 2018. Although the EPA predicts that on average scores will go … Continue Reading

What Is The Better Buildings Summit and Should You Attend?

Buildings use a surprising amount of energy. Manufacturing plants and commercial buildings alone account for 1/2 of the nation’s energy usage and more than 40% of carbon emissions according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).   In an effort to … Continue Reading

Smart Columbus Experience Center

Grand Opening! Smart Columbus Experience Center

This summer, check out the new Smart Columbus Experience Center located downtown on the Scioto Mile! The brand new space will be a hub for innovation, technology, and community. If you’re local to the Ohio area, we recommend that you stop in … Continue Reading

Energy Benchmarking Planning

The Beginner’s Guide To Energy Benchmarking

The buildings where we work, live, and play are more closely tied to our planet’s sustainability than we may think and they are certainly tied to every business’ bottom line. Energy benchmarking helps manage both. Energy benchmarking is a results-driven … Continue Reading

Wendy's Better Buildings Challenge

Better Buildings Challenge: Creating A Recipe For Energy Efficiency

A single person or business can only do so much. When groups come together to achieve a common goal, that’s when the magic happens; and it’s the driving force behind the Better Buildings Challenge. Through the Better Buildings Challenge, the … Continue Reading

Government Mandatory Energy Benchmarking

Mandatory Energy Benchmarking Ordinances: What You Need to Know

From the White House in our nation’s capital to a school district in the suburbs of Ohio, there is an opportunity to reduce energy usage and lower the greenhouse gas emissions of buildings. Driven by an understanding of the environmental consequences … Continue Reading