Improve Behavior. Reduce Costs.

There is a lot of talk going on about energy efficiency and sustainability. Many organizations are investing in these projects to improve how their buildings operate, while promoting social responsibility. New HVAC equipment, energy management systems, lighting, renewables and other capital intensive projects are starting to becoming the norm.  While these projects certainly have their benefit, one mis-understand component of an efficiency project is behavior.
Even the best implemented solutions struggle with the many variables that will drive the overall success (or failure) of the project. With so many other components in the mix, behavior modification is often lost in the noise.
Conventional thinking tells us that installing a fancy new controls system, or upgrading lighting will “automagically” save us money by reducing resource consumption.  Is that true? Maybe.
More often than not, behavioral issues driving unnecessary resource consumption are not addressed before implementing capital intensive improvements.  This begs the question – are we maximizing the value of capital invested?
Behavior is key.  If we don’t fully understand or commit to behavior modification strategies, the fancy new systems we implement will be hamstrung by the most capable driver of cost savings – the people. With 30% of energy in a building being wasted or used inefficiently, there is a significant opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce costs by encouraging positive behavior.
Improving occupant behavior can and will reduce facility operating costs. Modeling behavior starts with accountability and buy-in. Here are some simple ways to get started:
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  • Set Goals. Track Progress.
  • Capture and analyze all the relevant data
  • Create accountability with quantifiable metrics
  • Identify opportunities for stakeholder engagement

JadeTrack uses technology and sustainability strategies to help it’s customers encourage the positive behaviors proven to reduce building operating costs. We recently enabled one of Ohio’s largest school districts to cut $399k from it’s operating budget in the first year. If you are interested in learning how we can help you modify behavior to reduce utility costs please contact us.

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