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Learning Unboxed Podcast talks Energy Education with JadeTrack

How do we look at data to reduce our carbon footprint? This is a real-world question that we need to be asking our students to prepare them for a future working in energy and sustainability.

JadeTrack’s own CEO & Co-Founder, Ryan Prestel, was recently featured on an episode of the Learning Unboxed Podcast with Kat Deaner, Director of School Design and Online Learning at the PAST Foundation, to discuss the exciting state of energy education!

At JadeTrack, we empower stakeholders – and, for this program, students – to create impact by making complex energy usage data simple. PAST Foundation’s Kat Deaner leads all the efforts associated with school transformation projects, including Energy4Learning.

So, what is Energy4Learning? It’s a program that transforms school buildings into educational tools by leveraging their data to engage students in problem-based learning. Students and teachers can actually use JadeTrack to solve problems around energy conservation in their school, integrating real-life problem solving into the classroom learning experience!

Episode Highlights

  • The origins of the Energy4Learning program – a partnership between JadeTrack and PAST Foundation that transforms school buildings into a tool to engage K-12 students in problem-based learning
  • A look at the ways school programs can engage students in relevant learning opportunities and real-world problem solving
  • The current state of workforce preparation across the energy sector and its ties to global sustainability
  • Examples that highlight the power of partnership to bring innovation in the energy education space
  • First hand examples of how the Energy4Learning program helps students to think critically about their school buildings’s carbon footprint, leading them to ask questions and ultimately change behaviors
  • How programs like Energy4Learning can grow and scale to increase impact
  • Ways for implementing the design cycle

Follow the link to catch the full episode ? Learning Unboxed Episode #15 Energy Education: How To Create Opportunities For Problem-based Learning in Classrooms

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