• Environmental, Social, Governance & Sustainability Reporting

    Sustainability is good for the planet…and your bottom line.

Why JadeTrack for Sustainability Reporting?

Real-time interval data

Track results

JadeTrack allows you to analyze and report on tangible metrics for energy efficiency, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. The automation of data gathering allows you to spend less time tracking results and more time implementing new strategies.

Engage suppliers

Gather detailed performance metrics through JadeTrack’s cloud-based software platform to proactively identify opportunities to reduce risks, costs and environmental impact.

Automate data gathering

Every month, every bill. The data from your utilities and 3rd party suppliers is sourced usings state of the art data services. The process collects the data and copy of the bill. Some restrictions may apply.

Simplify reporting

Simplify publishing your sustainability reports with automation. With numerous ways to capture and visualize data, JadeTrack makes it easy to create a meaningful sustainability report quickly and with meaningful data.

Want to lead your industry?

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