Energy Benchmarking Planning

The Beginner’s Guide To Energy Benchmarking

The buildings where we work, live, and play are more closely tied to our planet’s sustainability than we may think and they are certainly tied to every business’ bottom line. Energy benchmarking helps manage both. Energy benchmarking is a results-driven … Continue Reading

Wendy's Better Buildings Challenge

Better Buildings Challenge: Creating A Recipe For Energy Efficiency

A single person or business can only do so much. When groups come together to achieve a common goal, that’s when the magic happens; and it’s the driving force behind the Better Buildings Challenge. Through the Better Buildings Challenge, the … Continue Reading

Government Mandatory Energy Benchmarking

Mandatory Energy Benchmarking Ordinances: What You Need to Know

From the White House in our nation’s capital to a school district in the suburbs of Ohio, there is an opportunity to reduce energy usage and lower the greenhouse gas emissions of buildings. Driven by an understanding of the environmental consequences … Continue Reading

City of Hilliard Teams up with JadeTrack for Sustainability

(Columbus, Ohio) – JadeTrack, with a software product of the same name, announces today they are teaming up with the City of Hilliard to enable real-time monitoring and management of the City’s various sustainability initiatives. JadeTrack delivers a technology solution … Continue Reading

Sustainable Business is Becoming More Prevalent

Green-minded folks have been touting the importance of sustainable business for some time and their hard work has generated big results. Today, sustainability plays a big part in the decision-making processes and everyday workings of companies all over the world and spanning all sizes. … Continue Reading