JadeTrack Helping Companies Save Money and the Environment

Originally written by Kelly Stincer at Tech Ohio. Most companies understand that making small changes in how they use energy could save them big money and make a positive impact on the environment. The problem is that most don’t know … Continue Reading

City of Hilliard Teams up with JadeTrack for Sustainability

(Columbus, Ohio) – JadeTrack, with a software product of the same name, announces today they are teaming up with the City of Hilliard to enable real-time monitoring and management of the City’s various sustainability initiatives. JadeTrack delivers a technology solution … Continue Reading

Cradle to Cradle Sustainable Design

Cradle to Cradle design represents possibly the utmost in sustainability. This design protocol mimics natural systems in an attempt to go beyond simply reducing negative environmental impact and create a positive environmental impact. What Is Cradle to Cradle Sustainable Design? … Continue Reading

Upcycling Makes Waste a Resource

The most efficient way to run your business, whether you are concerned about the environment or your pocket book, is through upcycling your business’ waste. Optimally, there should be no such thing as waste, because your source materials should be used … Continue Reading

Zero Waste Initiatives

Zero waste is a term that describes the coveted status of running a business that, put in oversimplified terms, produces no waste. Producing no waste serves both the environment and a business owner’s wallet. To achieve “zero waste” status, a … Continue Reading

GRI G4 and SASB Reporting

Integrated reporting and an increase in companies choosing to lead with sustainability is creating momentum for greater adoption of standards…that is, a single source of standards. However, until a time such as that happens, it is good to understand the … Continue Reading

8 Practical Green Remodeling Ideas

Did you know that remodeling is greener than building a new home? By considering green remodeling of your existing home you have already taken an important step toward a more sustainable home. You may have many doubts. You may think that … Continue Reading

How Can I Make The Switch To Sustainable Packaging?

Try to envision all of the packaged items shipped all over the world in one day. Then imagine how they are designed and how they are discarded. In all of the online ordering that goes on and all of the … Continue Reading

Sustainable Landscaping Meets Business Owners

Whether or not you do much with it, your business has landscaping potential, and therefore potential to improve your business’ profits and environmental footprint with sustainable landscaping. This one relatively simple aspect of your business has a major impact on … Continue Reading

Building Maintenance As A Component of Sustainability

On the sustainability topic, there is a lot of talk about purchasing energy-efficient items, installing solar panels, and using recycled materials but there isn’t enough talk about the effect maintenance has on sustainability efforts. The “green-”est building will lose much … Continue Reading