Sustainability starts with reliable data.

Introducing JadeTrack, a cloud-based platform that helps you manage energy and sustainability programs more proactively than ever before. Guaranteed.

Utility Bill Management Software

Utility Bill Management

Automate utility data from providers nationwide: every utility bill, every month, all in one platform.

Utility Bill Management Tools

  • Automated utility bill data imports
  • Line item detail capture
  • Automated utility bill auditing
  • Historical data imports
  • PDF copies of bills
  • Accounting interface
  • Reports and dashboards

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Portfolio Benchmarking

Benchmark energy and water usage with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® to start setting realistic targets and improving the efficiency of your buildings.

Portfolio Benchmarking Tools

  • Portfolio Manager data sync
  • Energy Use Intensity (EUI)
  • Score comparison
  • Score trend
  • State and local benchmarking compliance

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Quantify your environmental impact to measure and track progress towards goals and ease the sustainability reporting process.

Sustainability Tools

  • Water metrics
  • Waste metrics
  • Recycling metrics
  • CO2 emissions calculation

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Real-time Monitoring

Quickly identify rogue energy or water usage with up to 1-minute interval data.

Real-time Monitoring Tools

  • Real-time energy and water data
  • Automated anomaly detection and alerts
  • Peak demand identification
  • Facility comparison
  • Weather overlay
  • Data exports
  • Reports and dashboards

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Insights & Reporting

Demonstrate (and celebrate) the financial and environmental impact from your efforts with error-free reports.

Insights & Reporting Tools

  • Interactive charts and graphs
  • Cost and usage visualization
  • Dashboards
  • Comparison and consumption reports
  • Custom asset trees
  • Forms
  • Custom metric normalization *coming soon*

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Our customer success managers are an extra set of eyes on your facilities, providing a regular review of the data to help you  identify any errors or anomalies.

Customer Success Perks

  • One-on-one training
  • Email and phone support
  • Monthly meetings
  • Regular data reviews and reports by a human

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Easily manage users

Get unlimited users and set access permissions based on user roles.

Integrate with key systems

Connect Building Automation Systems, metering systems, and sensors.

Engage your audience

Promote behavioral efficiency with public kiosk displays and dashboards.

Start managing efficiency
programs more efficiently.

Stop sorting through piles of paper bills or endless spreadsheets. Get access for the entire team to view meaningful insights instead.

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