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JadeTrack helps organizations of all types and sizes to track, manage, and save critical resources, supporting sustainability efforts and maximizing efficiency.

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Every organization faces a similar challenge: how to track, manage, and act on energy and sustainability data.

JadeTrack is the platform that brings it all together. Find out how

Data First

Automate the collection of your utility bill data and capture real-time meter data for a holistic view of your utility use.

Store and organize information

Get all of your data in a central, cloud-based platform for tracking and analysis.

See how your buildings stack up

Review portfolio performance by comparing buildings within your portfolio and against peers. Data syncs daily with Portfolio Manager® to provide your ENERGY STAR score and site EUI.

Identify low hanging fruit

Use data to uncover opportunities for improvements and prioritize initiatives that will have the greatest impact.

Quickly act on insights

Leverage real-time data to see where to make changes with existing equipment and operations to quickly boost efficiency and capture savings.

Validate what’s working... and what’s not

Take the guesswork out of measurement and verification with capital projects backed by data.

Do good without compromise

Demonstrate the success of efficiency programs on your bottom line while promoting environmental stewardship in the community.

Engage the entire team

Gather support for energy and sustainability initiatives by sharing meaningful insights.

Accomplish more with extra support.

Our customer success managers are an extra set of eyes on your facilities. We can work with your team to regularly audit utility bills and real-time data.

Rethinking utilities as just
a cost of doing business.

Utilities are often one of the largest operating expenses. At the same time, they are an overlooked opportunity when it comes to cost savings. With enterprise energy management software, it's easier than ever to save on utility bills, and put the money to use where it matters most!

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