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Office Building Reduces Energy Use by 7% and Saves Over $30,000

Using JadeTrack’s automated utility bill management platform enabled Sarnova to identify ways to save energy and reduce supplier charges.

Sarnova and its family of companies: Bound Tree Medical, Cardio Partners, Emergency Medical Products, and Tri-anim Health Services, are trusted experts in health care with a 50+ year legacy in the medical supply industry.

By offering more than 100,000 innovative healthcare products to thousands of national emergency care providers, their products help save lives and keep communities healthy.

As a company, Sarnova’s mission is all-important: to be the best partner for those who save and improve patients’ lives. For an organization tasked with mission-critical work, like Sarnova, utility data analysis needs to be efficient and accurate.

Strategy for Saving

Sarnova’s Ohio-based operations and facilities management team saw the potential to adopt data-friendly tools to help them more effectively manage their utility data.

To make the shift from spreadsheets and manual data entry to a streamlined and automated utility data management platform, Sarnova teamed up with JadeTrack. This decision would later help them identify billing issues and quickly access informative reports to share with their leadership team.

From day 1, the Sarnova Facilities Team was eager to identify new ways to reduce their energy bills — starting with their main office building in Dublin, OH. This particular facility spans three floors, covers roughly 35,000 square feet, and is the workplace for over 100 Sarnova employees.

To get started, they needed good quality data. The first step was to import 36-months of historical utility bill data for their main office into the JadeTrack platform.

Energy Management Platform

After the Sarnova utility data was added, their team immediately had access to past and ongoing energy cost and consumption trends. With the help of the JadeTrack reporting tools, it was easy to start putting the data into action.

Before using JadeTrack, it had been a challenge to perform any utility data audits, let alone looking for line-item details when processing their monthly utility bills.

After implementing utility data automation, the team was able to pull up their bills quickly, and within the first few months had identified a costly issue — line item overcharges.

Keys to Success

In the state of Ohio, electricity is deregulated. Meaning if a customer isn’t happy with their current services, they have the right to look elsewhere and switch supply services at any time.

While auditing recent electricity bills, JadeTrack discovered that Sarnova was paying more than they should in supplier charges and recommended that their team work with a local partner to get a better rate.

One of the champions for implementing the new supplier strategy was Chris Fairchild. Chris is Sarnova’s Dublin-based Facilities Manager; she says the utility bill insights combined with the supplier analysis, helped them to find the best rate possible.

The solution was simple, yet had an immediate impact. Within a month of identifying the overcharge, Sarnova started working with their new electricity supplier and began benefiting from the cost savings.

Sarnova savings

Chris and her team are happy to report that, “as soon as everything was in place, we immediately started seeing savings. A year later, and the results speak for themselves. They are substantial!”

To date, the results for Sarnova have been phenomenal. By the end of the first year, cost savings totaled to $30,329.69 for the one facility! These savings are largely attributed to switching electricity suppliers.

Additionally, with general awareness and tweaks to their electricity consumption, Sarnova was able to reduce energy waste by 63,920 kWh, which was a 7% decrease compared to the previous year. These gains have all translated into momentum for future efficiency efforts.


Having the right partners helped to make it possible. “The entire team has been great to work with, and they make sure the process is all very streamlined and straightforward. We expect to see even more savings in the next few years and beyond,” says Chris.

Sarnova is now working towards further reducing their energy spend with the help of real-time data and advanced building controls.

Chris shares the future outlook on their facility management strategy and says, “this is only the beginning of the process. Once we started working on our utility bills, we discovered even more areas that we can build on. We plan to continue to reduce our costs, deepen our sustainability efforts, and improve the working environment for our employees.”

Put simply, the Sarnova facility team has the right tools and partners to continue saving their company money so they can accomplish more, with less!

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"As soon as everything was in place, we immediately started seeing savings. A year later, and the results speak for themselves. They are substantial!”
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