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JadeTrack Heads To SaaStr Annual 2019! What We’re Looking Forward To Most

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget to step outside routine to learn, grow, and connect. This year we’ve decided to shake things up. We’re sending 5 of our team members across the country to meet with with some of the best-of-the-best in SaaS.

SaaStr Annual is one of the largest events of executives, founders, entrepreneurs and VCs in the world. Over 12,500 attendees make their way to the Bay Area for 3 full days with 200+ sessions led by leaders in business software like HubSpot, Dropbox, Stripe, Zoom, and many more.

The SaaStr community is about sharing and learning amongst peers representing a variety of roles, functions, industries, and geographies. Our team is looking forward to representing Columbus, OH as one of the top rising cities in the nation for technology and entrepreneurship.

So in the spirit of spreading our enthusiasm for all things SaaS, we’re sharing a few things we’re looking forward to most at SaaStr Annual 2019. If you’re a SaaS enthusiast as well, follow along and connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter @jadetrack!

About The Team



Kristin Proper, Program Manager


The JadeTrack lineup attending this year include:

  • Ryan Prestel, CEO  
  • Nick Bly, Finance and Operations 
  • Kristin Proper, Program Manager 
  • Chris Hocker, Security and Infrastructure 
  • Dan Garro, Technology and Software Development 

We’re proud to share that our talented Program Manager, Kristin, was awarded one of a select few Diversity & Inclusion tickets! Great work, Kristin!  ?

Why We’re Attending?

A Greek Philosopher once said, “change is the only constant in life.” We tend to agree! As a growing business we understand the importance of evolving our product to meet the needs of the market and doing everything in our power to make life easier for our busy customers.

Besides Ryan being kinda obsessed with Jason Lemkin’s blog, here are a few thoughts from the team on why they’re attending:

“Best practices, networking, and perspective as to how Silicon Valley startups tackle the same challenges we face as we grow our company.”

“To broaden my knowledge of early-stage high-growth company operations, challenges, best practices, etc.”

“Learn more about the latest in customer success.”

“Gain insight and to connect with other SaaS companies on their experiences building a SaaS company including both the successes and struggles they face.”

“To make a bunch of great relationships with startups, VC’s and other partners. I am hoping to get perspective on how to build a world-class team here in the midwest. Access to capital, talent, and tools is key to that.”

What Sessions Are We Adding To Our Schedules?

Each day at SaaStr has a theme.
Day One – Scaling. All about how to build, grow, and scale.

  • Top Lessons in Building Great Teams with Keith Rabois, Khosla Ventures
  • Building a $100M ARR Sales Team the Second Time Around with WP Engine

Day Two – Mythical Creatures. Learn from unicorn and startup success speakers.

  • The Funnel is Dead. Long Live the Flywheel. A Fireside Chat with Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO

Day Three – Money Day. For all topics related to money – raising & spending it.

Looking to learn more about the sessions? You can find a detailed agenda on all the action here.

Image Source: SaaStr 

What We’re Most Excited About?

There’s a lot to be excited about! The entire week is jam packed with some really cool events. Even the Arts District on First Avenue has been reserved on Wednesday evening for informal meet-ups at the best spots in town.
We’re looking forward to it all and especially…

“The buzz and energy from being around so many other early-stage companies.”

“The lineup is pretty ridiculous. They have 50+ unicorn speakers, and household names that I am very excited to talk with. The number of sessions on scaling sales, engineering, product, etc. are what I look forward to most.”

“I am most excited about attending sessions that are lead by some well known and established SaaS companies such as Slack, NewRelic, ZenDesk.”

There’s a lot the team hopes to bring back from the SaaStr experience, including a rejuvenated sense of excitement for the upcoming year and our aggressive plans for growth! None of which would be possible without mentorship and collaborative learning.

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