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What does JadeTrack cost?

It depends on the service your business seeks. We have a subscription based model that is priced according to the individual needs of each customer. Pricing is based upon the number of facilities, real-time data streams, utility accounts and need for hardware. Please fill out the customer information survey or contact us, so we can accurately provide a cost for our solution.

Does JadeTrack guarantee savings?

JadeTrack empowers customers to achieve more savings. Our platform can help you pinpoint opportunities for behavioral changes, building control optimization and other potential issues, but ultimately, savings will be maximized when there is buy-in amongst all stakeholders in your organization.

What does JadeTrack not sell?

We do not engage in capital improvement projects. We don’t want to sell you energy. We don’t want to replace your lightbulbs or HVAC system or building controls. We don’t pay your utility bills. We hope you use our software to visualize opportunities for reduced energy consumption. Some of our clients have translated the savings we facilitated into physical equipment upgrades to further improve energy efficiency.

If I purchase hardware and I no longer want to use JadeTrack, what happens?

JadeTrack software is hardware agnostic. We know you’ll love our service, but if for some reason you don’t, you keep your hardware and can utilize another provider.

Do I need hardware for real time monitoring and if so, who installs it?

If you have an existing smart meter at your facility, you do not need to purchase hardware. We can transfer data into our platform. If you do need to purchase hardware, we work with trusted third-party partners to safely install industry-leading equipment. Our energy experts can assess your facility to help understand your requirements.

What if I already have a building automation/control system?

Great! That’s a big investment. If it’s programmed correctly for your building, and if the controls haven’t been overridden by occupants or because of space temperature complaints, and if all the sensors are working properly, and if…the point is a good practice is to “control your controls” with real-time monitoring of actual usage.

What if our equipment is old? Will it need to be replaced to create efficiencies?

Maybe, but (1) you might be surprised at how efficient your equipment can be when schedules are optimized, and (2) it’s probably not all of the equipment. So use real-time monitoring to identify the problem, and go from there.

What is ENERGY STAR® Benchmarking?

Benchmarking the performance of your buildings is a key first step to understanding and reducing consumption and your carbon footprint. All buildings can assess their energy performance, water efficiency, and carbon emissions using ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager. As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, JadeTrack makes facility benchmarking seamless.

What is ENERGY STAR® and why is it important?

ENERGY STAR® was created by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency as an international standard for energy efficiency from consumer products to energy performance ratings for buildings. JadeTrack synchronizes with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager to generate an ENERGY STAR® score (where applicable) for your building to help benchmark your building’s energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR® benchmarking has identified verifiable benefits to using the platform.

What is the Smart City initiative?

In 2015 the US Department of Transportation dedicated more than $160 million in resources toward this initiative designed to help cities across the country leverage “Internet of Things” technology and analytics to better manage a city’s assets, tackle challenges and meet local needs.

How can I sell the JadeTrack solution to my existing customers?

We offer a commission-based white labeled distribution model of JadeTrack for companies in the energy industry that see an opportunity to add another value-added service for their clients. You can learn more <here>.

How much of a difference-maker is real-time monitoring?

Real-time monitoring can be a huge difference-maker when used in the right application. We’ve seen facilities reduce consumption by over 25 percent annually. If a facility manager doesn’t have visibility into the buildings operating profile, then the only data points available are monthly utility bills, and the only explanation for changes in usage is weather. But, there are all kinds of things that can and do go wrong in buildings.

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