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Help your business customers understand their energy performance and take action. We work directly with ambitious utility providers, offering customer-centric software solutions.

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The energy experience matters more than ever. Top utility companies use technology to engage customers and serve as trusted energy advisors.

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Simple, modern, and connected

Energy companies team up with JadeTrack to present complex energy data in an easy-to-understand, actionable format to drive customer engagement and progress towards utility program goals.

Access smart meter data

Integrate smart meters with our platform for an easy-to-use, customer-facing interface.

Improve data usability

Leverage monthly and minute-by-minute data tools to help customers effectively manage energy use and demand.

Configure your solution

Add features as needed with stackable, white-label solutions for utilities. Use your logo and color palette to achieve a look that matches your brand.

Tailor to C&I customer needs

Offer Commercial & Industrial customers software developed specifically for them. Scalable for utility-level implementation.

Empower your customers

Enable customers to self-enroll and use energy management tools at their convenience.

Get reliable support

Work with our experienced support team to get personalized answers to your questions when needed.

What we offer

Cloud-based solutions that support business customers’ throughout their journey — from understanding the basics to in-depth energy management.

Automated Energy Benchmarking

Provide a self-enrollment benchmarking tool that automatically provides up to 36 months of energy usage data, which updates each month. Sync with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® so customers can see their daily ENERGY STAR score and track their progress over time.

Utility Bill Data

Give 24/7 digital access to copies of utility invoices and line-item details. The platform enables customers to view and analyze their usage and costs through interactive charts, graphs, and reports.


Energy Data

Get increased visibility with up to 1-minute real-time data. Customers can set alerts and track performance to easily manage demand and usage. Utilities can leverage the data to support M&V on their program incentives.

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“It just takes a few minutes to get back an ENERGY STAR score once you enter the benchmarking info and our customers just love it.”

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Support your C&I customers' energy management journey from the beginning through ongoing improvements with a full suite of tools.

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