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    Energy efficient solutions in Smart Buildings help reduce operating costs and increase building value

Why JadeTrack for Buildings?

Tracking performance is a key component to effective energy management. Our clients reduce utility costs by adjusting equipment schedules and modifying occupant behavior – all thanks to timely and reliable data from JadeTrack.

Impact your largest operating expense

Energy and utility costs represents one-third of a typical building’s operating budgets, and accounts for almost 20 percent of annual greenhouse gas emissions in the US

Shorten the feedback cycle

Buildings that benchmark see higher occupancy, increased asset value, reduced exposure to volatile fuel costs, lower operation and maintenance costs

Its a fact.

Investment in energy efficiency and sustainability is fiscally responsible and improving your ability to measure impact from these programs will improve your bottom line. It’s possible to measure your building’s performance by leveraging the capabilities of JadeTrack. With reliable data, and by making small and no-cost changes, you’ll be on your way to helping your buildings realize real sustainability progress.

JadeTrack Smart Buildings

How will JadeTrack improve the efficiency of my building?

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