Energy efficiency creates an educational opportunity

Energy4Learning combines JadeTrack technology with curriculum from the PAST Foundation to engage students throughout the energy management process.

What is Energy4Learning?

The Energy4Learning program, in partnership with the Past Foundation, offers students an opportunity for real world experiences by turning school buildings into a dynamic source of scientific energy data. Immersive learning experiences help students to practice collaboration, design thinking, creativity, and experimentation while driving sustainability initiatives at their schools and preparing them to become future energy sector leaders.

Program Benefits


Career Exploration

Connects real-world problems with student activities that promote energy and cost savings.

Sustainability Initiatives

Creates effective student-led sustainability programs.

Professional Development

Provides support for teachers with scheduled planning sessions.

“We believe this program which includes PAST-facilitated professional development for the educators, will allow us to create more value for a school district than if they were to just deploy a standard energy management solution or a hypothetical energy conservation program for their key stakeholders."

JadeTrack Logo Ryan Presetel, CEO

“Very simply put, we are trying to provide students with the skills they need to be successful, passionate, and contributing members of society. This community impact piece is central to PAST’s mission and connects us back our anthropological roots.”

The PAST Foundation Annalies Corbin, Founder, President & CEO

“DENT Instruments is honored to support JadeTrack and the PAST Foundation and to be a part of their forward-thinking STEM program. As a technology company, we recognize that STEM education is critical to building excitement around science and math and is key to developing the next wave of innovative thinkers.”

Dent Instruments DENT Instruments

“Air Force One has enjoyed a long partnership with JadeTrack and we’re proud of the work we’ve done together in the K-12 space and beyond. And of course, we’re continually impressed by the mission of the PAST Foundation and all they do to promote innovative education. We are big proponents of furthering STEM in schools, so the Energy4Learning partnership has potential to really have a substantial impact on the educational experience.”

The Past Foundation & JadeTrack

BizTech Outstanding Technology Team Award

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