• Utilities

    Software as a service platform for better customer engagement and efficiency program management

Software for utility efficiency programs

JadeTrack for utilities helps energy efficiency programs achieve measurable results. Our team of data experts understands successful energy efficiency and sustainability efforts require continuous monitoring to enable improvement and to validate results. JadeTrack combines automated utility bill management, facility benchmarking, real-time monitoring, and sustainability reporting in one comprehensive platform.

Where we help utilities

Data gathering & visualization

JadeTrack has experience working with utilities and we make it easy to gather data, and visualize it in a way that is meaningful to your customers

ENERGY STAR benchmarking

As one of the most active ENERGY STAR partners, JadeTrack makes it easy to provide automated benchmarking to support your energy efficiency programs

Smart meter front-end

We have experience integrating with your back-end systems. JadeTrack is an easy-to-use, customer facing front-end for your meter data management system

Simplify program management

JadeTrack’s comprehensive platform will provide meaningful insights for your customers, but will also deliver up-to-the-minute progress on program effectiveness and engagement

Want to learn how JadeTrack can make your utility program more effective?